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Medicaid Long-Term Supports and Services for People with Intellectual or Developmental Disabilities

This Build-A-Report shows Medicaid recipients, expenditures, and average annual expenditures per recipient for ICF/IID facilities and HCBS Waiver services for people with IDD in the United States. Annual data are provided for each state and for the United States as a whole. Longitudinal data are available from 1977 to the present for ICF/IID recipients, expenditures, and annual average per person expenditures and from 1982 to the present for HCBS Waiver recipient, expenditures and annual average per person expenditures). These data are provided on an annual survey by state IDD Directors to researchers at the Residential Information Systems Project at the University of Minnesota.

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2013 State Profiles

Percent of People with IDD Living in Non-Family Settings Who Live with Three or Fewer People with IDD by State on June 30 of Select Fiscal Years

Change in the size and type of residence for people with IDD who did not live in the home of a family member: US estimates between 1998 and 2013