About RISP

For over 20 years, the National Residential Information Systems Project (RISP) has gathered, maintained, and analyzed longitudinal data on Medicaid funded residential and in-home supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.

More specifically, the project:
  • Gathers and maintains annual statistics and longitudinal trend data on Medicaid and state funded residential and in-home supports for people with disabilities;
  • Collaborates with the National Association of public and private developmental disabilities agencies (APDDA) to conduct a biannual survey of public residential facilities to report status and trends in populations, funding, costs, and closures;
  • Collaborates with Human Services Research Institute (HSRI) and Association of Public and Private Developmental Disabilities Administrators (APDDA) to analyze quality outcome data from surveys of adults in 35 states in the National Core Indicators project;
  • Conducts literature reviews, case studies, state level policy studies, and secondary analyses of extant data sets regarding key policy and program issues in residential and community supports; and
  • Provides ongoing assistance to individuals, government agencies, public and private organizations, media outlets and others on residential and community supports for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.
  • Publishes annual reports on the status and trends in residential and community living supports, the interactive build a report website where people can select the variables and data that interest them and produce a customized report, as well as special reports on policies related to individual and family supports.
  • Maintains the Quality Mall.org Web site which indexes information about innovation in community support and collaborates with the Self-Advocacy Online Web site to translate research findings into a format accessible to people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Other RISP publications include Policy Research Brief (published collaboratively with the Research and Training Center on Community Living) and Community Services Reporter (published by NASDDDS).

Projects of National Significance

The Residential Information Systems Project is one of several Projects of National Significance that gather and report information about supports and services for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. The other projects include:

  • The Supporting Individuals and Families Information System Project (FISP) at the University of Minnesota (Twin Cities) http://fisp.umn.edu
  • The State of the States in Developmental Disabilities Project at the University of Colorado (Boulder) http://www.stateofthestates.org/
  •  The Access to Integrated Employment National Data Collection on Day and Employment Services For Citizens with Developmental Disabilities at the University of Massachusetts (Boston) http://www.statedata.info/

Project Partners